Gypsies. Pskov Region, 2006.

This series of photographs is about the families of two gypsy women, Valya and Anya. Valya and her family lives in the house that belongs to her mother after her own house was destroyed by the fire.

Both of the houses are situated by the road. They are very shabby; there is no running water or electricity.

Children don’t go to school; at the age of ten they start to help their parents in everything.
If during daytime they don’t earn money to buy food, in the evening they won’t be able to have dinner. To have the meal they normally buy potatoes, lard and herrings, the most simple and less expensive food that is available. The whole family manages to have a meal spending no more than 3 US dollars. In the morning they usually drink tea and eat bread.

In spite of the extreme poverty, evil and suspicious attitude of the population towards them and other troubles, they are friendly and hospitable. And, looking at them, it is difficult to say if their way and conditions of life are determined historically or are the results of deliberate choice.