I’m happy to launch my new website!

Finally, after so many years of posting my work here and there on different websites and then abandoning them, I’ve organized my photographs a little bit and from now on I promise to myself to do the updates regularly and to post my new and old work as well as some stories behind the photographs on this website.

I’m infinitely grateful to Mark Titensky who developed most of my films and scanned all of these photographs and to Artem Lezhepekov who made this website.


  • Luca says:

    Posted: 01.04.2014

    A really nice website for fantastic photos taken from a great talent, and great person too. Can't forget your great help. Ciao Ответить

  • Alan Knight says:

    Posted: 09.04.2014

    Beautiful images - Ms Demenkova is an outstanding photographer with a superb portfolio of work. Keep them coming! Ответить

  • Morganna says:

    Posted: 16.08.2014

    Your work is absolutely stunning. Very glad to have found it. Ответить


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    Posted: 11.03.2014


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